The next industrial revolution

The next Industrial revolution will be about personal secure identification on the spot in the present.

The next industrial revolution must be about distinctive human personal-facts in the center of all digital solutions, not about technology, AI, drones or controlling robots taking over.

To defeat and depress hacker attacks and stay ahead of AI-robots we all need personal safety in the center controlled only with use of our human digital biometric or Cyber-biometric-ID-keys.

For the human survival it is important that AI-robots cannot be started by themselves or by any other robot, only by biometric and Cyber-biometric “on the spot in the present” type digital identification images created by an authorized human body.

We have a global digital IT pandemic, a common enemy to any nice digital future.
An estimate of 269 billion e-mails daily, with millions of compromised cases, without any worldwide coordinated combat against hackers, cyberattacks or data-viruses must be recognized as a global digital IT pandemic out of control. 

How to defeat the global IT Pandemic? 
To days open worldwide common Covid-19 combat stands out as a role model for solving future worldwide disasters.

We need a common battel against any threat to maintain our society.

With the lesson from an impressive worldwide common commitment to fight Covid-19 the great powers of the world should also be able to fight together exterminating hackers, cyberattacks and data viruses forever.

To maintain a common fight and warning about virus, terrorists, hackers, extreme weather and cyberattacks, the global community must agree on some ground rules making it easier to stop IT-disasters and criminals together.

Main ground rules could be:

  • Face recognition is about to be to good and widespread that it should be banned or be accepted as an open common unified identifier to be use by all, for a safer and easier world. 
  • Our biometric values as finger, voice and Iris prints have also been widely spread for identification and surveillance of us all. They are widely used by governments, banks, traders, travel and digital suppliers, both legal and illegal. As this biometric surveillance is misused by too many dishonest peoples and criminals, we must evaluate to ban biometric use or make it open for common use and not a tool for secret misuse, then it might rater be a way to catch and stop hackers and spammers.
  • It is more important to allow governments, health organization, police and other accepted organizations to register our movements and situation-readings for catching hackers, stop virus outbreaks, solve deadly deceases, stop reckless driving, catching thieves and murders rather than protect all parts of GDPR, personal infidelity, private meetings, and other secret attendances. 

Other common factors to make the next worldwide industrial revolution more practical for us all:

  • We must design most digital control and communication for voice and sign languages.
  • Create voice communication with automatic translation to all authorized user languages.
  • Open inter-governmental personal identity for all authorized groups and users.
  • Make digital trading and distributing rules for a better transport and surveillance of goods.
  • Open inter-governmental GPS surveillance of travel, personal movement and personal readings for a better virus, environment, health, transport and weather forecast for us all. (Just like the new Corona-APPs as the one from the Norwegian health authority, for total surveying of all app-users, to detect movement and spread of Covid-19 virus.
  • All e-mail software needs automatic solution to delete all fake-mail, those without the sender`s personal “on the spot in the time” type cyber or bio-ID attached. This will stop fake/hacker/ransomware/cyberattack e-mail and at the same time reduce spam to a minimum, as easy identified senders will not spam.
  • Common and open personal identity “on the spot in the present” or on attendance when traveling, shopping in stores, crossing borders, enter sports arenas and restricted areas.
  • Most important, an all-around digital-personal-safe-biometric and cyber-biometric-ID-key, with “on the spot at present” type extra safety for everybody to protect personal belongings, information and personal values.
  • Most global sales and business meeting should use video meeting, controlled by face-recognition or Cy-Be on the spot in the present ID, instead of constant traveling and be part of mass crowding, all over, with known and new people.

Something like an “on the spot in the present” version of our invention PCU, the Personal safe Cyber-biometric digital-id-key-Unit for it all, should be the central part of the accepted human identity for the next worldwide industrial revolution. 
The only personal-hacker, skimmer and theft-safe digital ID-Key, with the name PCU, Personal safe Connection/Contact Unit.

The final unit must be much smaller than a regular car-key so everybody will like to bring it along.   
In accordance with Holson -theory and Moore`s Law from the sixties, we will soon have new Nano developed technics to be able to build our ideal tiny “Cybi-AI” one-chip super computer with same possibilities as in the next generation super smart mobile phones.

Such a tiny “Cybi-AI” one-chip super computer will also be needed for mini drones, medical implants, environmental registration, most other IoTs and electronic devices. The future as part of the Next Industrial revolution, needs a super smart, AI capable, all around Nano-computer as a standard for all designers in a safe uniform digital future. The solution is a PCU, with “on the spot in the present” type identification images, both biometrics and their digital doubles, the Cyber-Biometric images.

I will need your resources to build the final new versions or other global partners to help creating the ideal PCU (Cybi-AI) for global marketing and distribution. Then we can win the digital future and at the same time helping everybody to fight and win the war on global hackers and cyberattacks.

A Cybi-AI-type Nano computer for the future must be autonomic, super-smart, with a wireless long-lasting rechargeable battery, with wireless communication, with most common programmability and most well-known function you find in the smart mobiles of the future as GPS, proximity, cameras, bio-readers, time module, speaker and mic. It is important that all control and user connection must be by voice communication, to fit in a new smarter world for everyone. 

Attachments will describe my innovation and background in more detail.

Even if I do not have the resources or the money we need, I am confident that innovation supporters as Norwegian Innovation, Research Council of Norway, US government, EU innovation council, US Military (arms control and homeland), QUALCOMM, Samsung, Google, IBM-Watson Media platform, IBM Cloud, Lenovo, Microsoft or Apple may be eager to support such a project with you and PCU Company  creating the ideal personal safe digital ID-key for access all digital services, open digital doors, internet accesses and startup of cars, PCs, guns, smart-mobiles, electrical and digital equipment. Not at least be part of creating the common new super smart computer ship for use all over in the Next Industrial Revolution communicating on digital ID with “at the time on the spot” identification, to be safe from hackers, criminals or even unfriendly contact from outer space.  

Same type of “super computer chip”, as the tiny “Cybi-AI” one-chip super computer can and should also be used for most IoTs, drones and communication with city cars and billions of check points for agriculture, transport, weather, environment and traffic control, to maintain a very high standard of security for a safer digital life for everyone. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you on a PCU joint venture, but also as a participant for competition Prize.

Your Sincerely

Harald Marthinussen

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