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Innovation Norway supports PCU Company

Innovation Norway has decided to support PCU Company, both in terms of professional guidance, and also with funding in the «Marketing Planning Phase». This has given us a solid foundation to continue our activities, and has paved the way to success for us as a newly established company based on eight years of active research and development, resulting in a secure Cyber-Biological Universal Personal Identification solution. A PCU Cyber ID (CB-ID) is suitable for all persons who need accurate personal identification, but wish to protect their real biological data from hackers and criminals.

Egil Henning Ytrøy in Innovation Norway was quick to approve support to the marketing planning process for PCU Company, and has contributed with valuable advice and guidance along the way. This has enabled us to produce the necessary tools, brochures, web pages and presentations required to initiate communication with important and knowledgeable contacts in many leading Norwegian businesses and companies within banking, IT and public administration.

PCU Company – aiming to provide order in the chaos of mobile payments

A Personal Secure Digital ID is the common denominator which may provide much needed order in the chaos of mobile payments. PCU Company’s analysis of several hundred market actors revealed the same trend in Norway, as World Economic Forum has uncovered in their new analyses worldwide. Both reports show that mobile payment systems are diversified without any common direction. (WEF’s new report on disruptive innovation in wireless digital Financial Services is called the «Blueprint for Digital Identity».)

According to both these surveys, the old and well organized collective payment solutions, national ID, bank ID and trade solutions, which used to work everywhere, are substituted by new solutions lacking any unified structure. In less than a year, a vast number of new solutions have been introduced in the market, creating chaos and confusion for both commercial actors and their customers. Vipps, mCash, Swich, MobilePay, ApplePay, AlibabaPay, Paypal, GoogelPay etc. are all nice and temptingly easy, but much more expensive to use, and require several types of point of sale (POS) terminals in each shop.

This chaotic situation has scared Norway’s major retailers into forming an expert, specialized, company working to develop a common solution for wireless POS payment that is simple and reasonable to use with all types of mobile apps; Retail Payment AS.

Banks have been busy trying to attract young customers with fun and easy solutions on the mobile, while at the same time making life more difficult for others.

By standardizing on a PCU CB-ID solution, the banks will be able to coordinate their own systems with NFC payment on most existing POS terminals. And if the payments are routed via local payment partners such as BankAxept and NETS, great savings can be made. This is important to prevent a situation where some banks and traders have to shift today’s high level of costs onto the customers. Mobile payment is so far free of charge to the customer, leaving the banks to pay the bill from foreign payment partners such as Visa and MasterCard.

The PCU solution can simplify and secure payments for everyone, while at the same time protecting real biological data from hackers and criminals. With a Personal Secure CB-ID, both banks and public authorities can settle on one common standard for both payment and accesses with the CB-ID as customer ID, as well as common registration in their databases.

Putting personal security first is the only way forward

Putting personal security first by securing the users’ biological data is the only way to go for both banks and national database solutions. Everything connected online is at risk of being hacked; therefore everyone in need of safe digital identification has to use a Personal Secure Identification method, such as a PCU type solution.

Only companies who focus on individual personal safety, offering a free selection of services, will succeed in spreading their solutions to a wide audience. The whole world embraced the personal bank card for both debit and credit payments. When IBM introduced the Personal Computer (the PC), the individual use of computers exploded worldwide. The personal free Internet was an instant success. The same may be said for the personal phone; nowadays everyone has their own mobile. Facebook’s enormous success can be attributed to the fact that they focused on the individual person with a free personal choice of friends.

Digital-ID, Bank ID and Public ID of the future can only gain ground with a personal safe and secure solution offering freedom of choice for everyone – no matter who they are or where they are.

PCU Company is using eight years of research and development to create an accurate and personal secure Cyber-Biological Universal Identification, CB-ID, without compromising the user’s real biological data. We will cooperate with major actors in various business segments to disclose needs and specifications, with an aim to produce PCU solutions for accurate and personal safe identification of users in all segments.

A targeted effort from PCU Company to create solutions covering every need will require significant public support for production and internationalization. In addition, we need further support from heavy, long-term investors. Who wants to join us on our digital quest to provide secure personal identification for everyone?

Your future Personal Secure Cyber-Biological Universal Identification, CB-ID solution, PCU, is patented in 40 countries, including China, Hong Kong, Canada, Scandinavia and the whole of the EU to ensure a uniform and homogenous development.

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