Press release mid-February 2019

                                      PCU briefs.
Collection of facts and estimates of the Personal Connection Unit
          as we see it in February 2019.

1  Reason to make a unique PCU.
With more than one billion online devices, capable of taking pictures and record sounds, our face, fingers, voice, irises and body-languages are part of a large scale global registration. As we all want to connect to global services (FB, TW, YT, A, G…) our data, pictures and biometric IDs will be legally stored, then hacked, stolen and misused. Our real 17 biometric IDs are now in the center of everything from private access to global identification, so we all need new exact, personal digital-IDs for all important with double unique authentications that are total separated from all our biometric values floating around legally or illegally as in the dark-net. Billions of “IoTs”, connected to the internet, having too week data-power to support antivirus, encryptions and firewalls, will soon create even more disaster for internet-security.


2  Creating PCU

We have for more than 20 years used biometric ID solutions to ID customer, opening doors, startup equipment and securing private information. First with ThinkPad-PCs, now with all kind of PCs, PADs, Smart-phones and gadgets.

Under developing the ideal “personal-safe” and “user in control” ID-key we invented just that. The double unique theft and hacker safe ID-key, the PCU, Personal Connection Unit, now patented in more than 40 countries, most of EU, as in Canada, Hong Kong, USA and China, aviating other countries. Patents:


3  The PCU development.

Earlier our inventions functioned on equipment in PC size. Just recently it functioned on equipment in a mobile-phone size, today in gadget size. The initial units, for us all, need to be even smaller, as a smart-Phone, watch, “dogtag” or a wallet stick in. (4 x 5 x 0.5 cm) Produced in tens of million units pr. year.


4  Ultimate PCU for us all.
It is an AI smart-computer, without touch-screen, but with camera, fingerprint-readers, GPS, proximity, microphone, speaker and rechargeable-battery. We need to pack it in a size of approximately 1.5 x 2 x 0.1 up to 2 x 3 x 0.3 cm to fit as “slid-inns” into a mobile-cower, into watches into different wearable or as part of national-ID cards, passports, bank-credit-cards. Maybe produced as many as billions of units pr. year.


5  PCU?
Our PCU units must be smart and secure, even in a very small size. Finally, we are technically approaching the posibility to pack and program all the functions we need in a tiny personal-safe digital key. Just as we all want to have, our own unique, nice, fun and personal-controlled digital-key to take along wherever we go.
* Norwegian website:

* English website:

* Norwegian brochure

* English brochure

* Norwegian PCU Video:


* English PCU Video:

6  Why PCU?

·       We all need an endpoint personal-safe ID-unit that do not compromise our real biologic data.

·       We need to solve the explosive demand for far safer personal wireless-ID solutions. 

·       We all need a personal controlled hacker and theft safe wearable ID key with double unique authentication.


7  What is a PCU?

·       Digital-key using unique Cyber-biometric-IDs, Cybi-IDs, for authentication wherever we go.

·       A smart, tiny handheld or wearable autonomic, wireless, universal digital-key to replace all our digita-ID-keys.


8  What can a PCU be used for?

·       Personal-safe authorization for all digital access and connections.

·       ID your passport, credit card, bank-id or national ID card.

·       Wireless payments on the go as for ticket to travel, theatre, events or ballgames.

·       Your safety-key to unlocking all digital lock at work, at home or all your equipment as cars, PCs, smart-mobiles and boats.


9  How does PCU work?

·       Generate your exact personal double unique Cyber-biometric-IDs, Cybi-IDs.

·       Communicate with all existing ID solutions using standard wireless communication. (BT, NFC, ZigBee, WIFI, 4/5G or voice-command).

·       By flushing the RAM after each identification making the ID key personal-hacker and theft safe.

·       The PCU-ID-key put you in control of your own identification and digital life.

·       ID key creating person-secure IDs with “Colombo-egg type” unique safety function as: No storage for processed data. Being double unique to only the user. Skimmer and tamper free. Produced with production series number, PSN-chart, one higher than the previous unit make all PCU unique. It can even restore your life if you are digital dead when all your biometric-ID values are stolen.   


10 How will PCU win the market? 

·       be a universal ID-key to create cyber-biometric ID for finger, face, Irises or voice to fit us all.

·       be powerful enough as to run antivirus, best OS and advanced encryptions.

·       be smart, nice, fun, useful doing wonders with a likable designed so we “just have to have it”.

·       be small enough to slid in to the mobile-Phone-cover, be part of a credit-card, watch, wearable, national ID-card/passport or driver-licenses.

·       be smart enough to replace all biometric-ID solutions used in digital-keys, smart-mobiles, PCs, PADs national-cards and bank IDs.


11 PCU competition:

No direct known competitor so far, but PCU have a multiple of “PCU-ID-pre-solutions” as:

          all the personal -unsafe digital ID units worldwide storing/using our biometric-ID readings.

          all the personal-unsafe wireless implants or wearable keys. 

          all the personal-unsafe magnetic, NFC, Bluetooth or radio-signal beacon-units used as personal registered wireless ID-keys.

          all the personal-unsafe mobile apps creating personal-ID for digital accesses, wireless payments or online personal-banking.

12 Community Funding?
Florida state, US government, Norwegian government and EU are all possible for funding innovations through TES, IN (Innovation Norway) or RCN (The Research Council of Norway). To cover 50% (70%) of the cost require firm order for PCU.  We might also receive globalization funding for up to 50%(70%) from the same to help Norwegian/US- companies and Norwegian/US- innovations go global.

13 Funding by share emission:
We must evaluate a stock-Crowdfunding for building up a start-capital. Crowdfunding from a multiple of small stock investors (10 to 20% emission) up to 4 million shares at a price of $X dollar (or more, depending on news and happenings at the time.) 20 M + 4 M new = 24 M chares.  

We must evaluate partner stock-funding from important large partners investing up to 5% each (6 partners for up to maximum 30%) 7.2 million shares at a price of $Y dollar (or even more). 24 M + 7.2 M new = 31.2M chares  

We must evaluate 1: 10 share splits.

We need a large public-stock introduction with sale of 40% of the shares to the market (30% emission and 10% down sales form existing owners, at least for the founder group) at the price of $Z dollar or may be much higher, depending on the company`s progress in the market place. 312 M + 93.6 new = 405.6 M chairs. This bringing the founder-group of chairholders far below 50%.

14 We must think PCU in three eras:


·       2019 small final-prototype to use for programming and customer testing 8 x 5 x 2 cm

·       2020 first production- ideal 1,5 x 3 x 0.1 cm —- up to max. 4 x 6 x 0.5 cm for volume multiple use.


·       2022 large volume production must be tiny and small as to fit into jewelries, watches, mobile cover, passport or credit-card. (1.5 x 2 x 0.1 up to 2 x 3 x 0.3)


·       2025 as flexible “stick-on” (1.5 x 2 x 0.03 cm)  

·       2028 as implants

15 We might think PCU future in three directions:

n  Brick by brick:
Development with help from University research-and innovation-park for MS and PHD projects with government innovation-funds.
Firm order from user groups or companies based on governmental or community funding.
Hire help from local (Scandinavian, EU, US, etc.) companies with design, program for final-prototypes and first series production based on funding by PCU
share issue.  

n  In between: To think in million units you earn millions.
PCU type of solutions are perfect for a governmental department, a global banking firm, a city, a university, a hospital or a global IT-concern to sign up for a “development order” of PCUs to use them for entering buildings, connect to services, start equipment, wireless-payments, wireless-tickets, authentication for information and registration etc.

Entire Airforce of a country,
All student and staff at a university,
All employees in a company,
All employees of a city,
All employees at a hospital,
All users or registered persons at private or government health services,
Entire military forces of a country,
All citizen in a country,
All government employees.  
All national or global VISA-credit card users
All passport with visa for entering a country.

n  Direct to the ultimate PCU for us all. To think in billion units, you might earn billion.
This need funding by heavy investors and or by heavy contracts with global customers.
To solve a fast-direct way to globalization of PCU we need to hire large advanced global concerns for designing, programing, production and distribution of PCU. (corporation as Intel, QUALCOMM, Sony, IBM, Samsung, AMD, Huawei, OPPO, Nokia, Lenovo, etc.)

16 PCU Company`s near future:  

1.       prototype building, testing

2.       production start-up, sales and distribution.

3.       Start-up globalization of PCU

2019 prototype in size up to 8 x 5 x 2 cm to use for design, programming and customer testing
Prototype can be a PCU-security modification of a smart-phone or a tiny computer as QuecteCS60, Octavo OSD335x C-SiP, Variscite`s Snapdragon-computer DART-SD410, Raspberry PI or other more suitable nano-computers.

2019-2020 first series production (- ideal 1,5 x 3 x 0.1 cm or up to max. 4 x 5 x 0.5 cm) for volume in tens of millions pr. year. 
For first production series we need for qualified testing and implementation in up to 6 different segments. Then to prepare for global sale, distribution and services.
We need to find technical groups as partners for designing the proper PCUs. Maybe NTNU, RCN, Florida University, USN (Uni. of Sørøst Norway) or Startup Lab at UIO. 

          Then we need to find and hire qualified companies for electronic design and software programing to make the prototype we want to have.

          We need funding for this step (Marsh 2019 to July 2020). Prototype and first production with testing.

2020-2025 Ultimate PCU in large volume production

          We need to look for large partners for production, sale, distribution and service for PCU globalization.  

17 Readiness?
We are awaiting parts for final production and right time for a hot and ready market. The market is not quite ready as we all do not think hacking will happen to us only to someone else. But the impossible has started as all the main suppliers (FB, Yahoo, banks, Credit-card and governments all over) are losing our pictures, voice, IDs and important data, all the time.

  1. We are not quite ready to build and testing the ultimate all around PCU version. 
  2. We are soon ready for selling licenses to large global independent IT suppliers for a predefined production series number of units.
  3. We are soon ready for “selling in projects” to designing PCU to customers need, including production, programming and testing.
  4. We are soon ready for presale PCU-units (Crowdfunding PCU-gadget) to all the eager “first buyers” with delivery time estimated to be 18 to 24 months.
  5. We are soon ready to sell innovation-solution-rights:

          for personal-secret ID-keys to government and military use, 

          key solutions for buildings, automobile, plain, train and street-car tickets to large manufacturing groups

          for payments, access, authentication and bank-ID key- solutions to large international credit card groups and banks.

 18 Estimated PCU market potential cost, pricing and income level:

          PCU is suitable for large (10.000 ++) organizations (governmental as private) as the double unique and personal safe digital key for all the employees or all the customers giving them rights for start-ups, accesses and authentication.

          PCU is suitable for large suppliers (100.000 +++) as banks, VISA, Amex, FB, You Tube, Hospitals, health-care, Social security, Tax, and city-service keys.

          PCU is suitable for national (++ millions) national-card, driver licensees, health-care-keys or just multipurpose passports. 

          PCU is suitable for everyone, all global (5+ billion) digital users as their personal safe authentication-key to it all.


 We estimated the market potential to be from a few millions to the ultimate of more than two billion units pr. year.



  1. First production series might be a modification of a smart-phone (without screen/large battery) or a by using a tiny complete computer as QuecteCS60, Octavo OSD335x C-SiP, Variscite-Snapdragen-Dart-SD410 or other more suitable. Just like Tesla started its production by modification of petrol-cars to el-cars. Modified unit from producer have been price-estimated to cost, in small-volume up to $XXX.


  1. The PCU as the finale unit we all want to have having all the similar technic and programs as in the most advanced smart-phone (without touchscreen and only a tiny battery), the production price in medium volume, at 2019 pricing, might be $YYY pr. unit, and as low as $DDD in the extreme high volume as we hopefully need for the right and proper personal–ID for it all and everybody.


Sales price?

  1. PCU being the right, proper and person-safe ID to substitute a passport, a driver-license, a safe-car-key, bank-ID or a national-ID-card/credit-Card or all of them, will easy be popular priced at $ZZZ or up to $AAA more. Giving a profit-margin of 60 to 95%.


  1. If banks, credit-card and governments buying PCU to all their customer/citizen, the market price in millions of units with logos, as low as $BBB to $CCC.   



  1. PCU Income estimated to starts late 2020 increasing exponential for several years.
  2. Our expansion is more based on production speed rather than sales potentials, just like Tesla`s expansion, but at a much higher production scale.


  1. At a fair-low-price as $ZZZ (covering your passport, driver license, your Credit Card, car key, house-key, etc.) should give a tremendous market potential of tens of million units pr. month. These in addition to possible license-production agreements to huge companies as Apple/Samsung, Huawei, IBM, Google, Intel, Microsoft, etc.  


If we can make PCU the best and the most likable type ID-authentication unit so we all are thinking “I just have to have one” the product might and should be sold everywhere. 



Ski 15.02.2019
Yours sincerely / Med vennlig hilsen
Harald Marthinussen

CEO, Chairman/ Styreleder

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