Our digital future is completely different than our wildest expectations

Only when TV 2 appeared, Anthony Haug, at “Sotra”, realized that his dashboard camera sent pictures of neighbors directly to the whole world, and the next-door neighbor’s garden becomes “the stages of a Realty TV”, when his car is parked at home.

We have already a billion of Internet-connected devices. Windows PC / PAD, mobile phones, dashboard and home camera, servers, voice assistants, door locks, web, road, building, and city cameras all set to take pictures, scan, record and store our biometric values ​​such as face, voice, body language and iris prints.

Snap Chat and streamer generation, the “kids” under 32, use their mobile’s biometric ID for fun, quick and easy way to start mobile, start a car and for easier access at home, at work and school. They also share pictures, personal secrets and private events on the internet in a completely different way than the rest of us. They all wants to be celebrities.

We are all watched, photographed and registered all the time!

China has already launched public recording of everything and everyone to create a benefit system for all to credit their behavior with high benefits for those who are “best in class”.
UN wants exact national biometric-ID registrations of everybody global by 2035, without having a common solution. China has started, but they cover only 1/5 of the world’s population.

If connected to the Internet, everyone can and will be hacked for their values ​​and end up in the hands of criminals, who might even sell our biometric-ID values ​​on “Dark Net”.

Personal biometric ID is no longer possible to secure 100% against big sisters, hackers, dishonest, power and criminal people.

We must make hacking and steal our real biometric IDs not worthwhile.

Soon our biometric IDs might be open for everybody, as we are part of an all-around registration.

Perhaps not so bad? Biometric-IDs used for open identification, give no value for criminals.

As it has become too easy to use fake ID and misuse our IDs we need open biometric ID national reference bases, created by attendance of all citizen, to catch all fake ID users.

We need therefore new unknown type of genetic IDs for banking, health, ID cards, and all-important valuables complete distinguished from the biometric ID stored and used all over at public services, Big Data, spam, secret services, criminal, and not at least in social media as Facebook, Twitter, Google. The global personal biometric collection will keep on as all the” highly dependent” users, 99.9%,, select OK button, and accept their new GDPR-rules, just to stay connected without even reading a world of it.

Attack safe, RO-ID type, national biometric ID bases should be made open for access by banks, insurance, healthcare, companies and UN associated governments.

But only available to be used as authorization of a person when applying for online banking, insurance, green-card/visa, citizens ID card, passport, certificate of car, plane, boat or just to get a new bank or credit card.

Such national bases need to store multiple biometric values ​​of finger, face, iris, palm, DNA, voice, heart / vein signals of all citizens to satisfy security needs and human changes.

Therefor we all need:

  • New ID keys generated easy replaceable exact genetic IDs, such as the Cybi-ID-key, without compromising our real biometric values.
  • New ID-key to take the place of smart-cards, bank-id and biometric-ID solutions as used in digital-keys, smart-mobiles, PCs and PADs.
  • Independent autonomous genetic-ID-key without being part of or connected to any other digital-solution.
  • Personal controlled connection, hacker and theft safe unique digital-ID-key.

The Cybe-id as from Cyber-biometric-finger or irises has no durable-value for criminals as it is easy replaceable, unlike our real biometric-fingers, eyes, voices and face.

Our new personal-safe exchangeable genetic ID, the Cybi-id, can be used with far better security for health, payments, banking and multiple access in a clear and simple digital future.

Lett us start the future whit new solutions without the old problems choking all possibilities.

           “Return to sender, address unknown, no such address, no such zone.”
Imagine starting a new clean Internet where all e-mail from unknown senders are returned to sender or deleted and mail from a company must come from an employee to pass.
If all e-mail senders must us his own ID from a national biometric-ID register or by a Cybi-id generated genetic personal-safe-ID as sender-authentication to pass, then spam, Cyber ​​Attack or Ransom Ware mail will all be returned to sender or just deleted.

Criminals and hackers cannot survive using their real registered IDs.

Without spam, company and dangerous-mail we will have a clean Internet with a much lower traffic, even avoiding future predicted high traffic breakdown.

We have started looking for partners, as, SEB, DNB, DB, Visa, Difi, Arrow, Google, IBM or Microsoft for our Cyber security solutions.

We need both small and large partners to be able to make a far better digital future for all.

Lock forward to hear from you.

Your sincerely

Harald Marthinussen

CEO, head of the board
PCU Company AS
PB 133
1401 Ski

+47 41 56 76 64

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