US-patent is like gold for PCU

After 10 years of hard evolutional innovation it feels like vining a OL-Gold being awarded US-Patent protection for our inventions.
“PCU Personal-safe Cyber-biologic Universal ID unit, a portable wireless digital-ID solution”
                                    “Cybi-id unit”

Why do we need a personal safe Cybi type of digital id key? 
Our world Go-AI, Go-Android, Go-Global, Go-Digital, Go-Nano and Go-Bananas instead of Going-for-Personal-Safe future for us all. We are not ready for a very high-speed 5G community swarmed by AIRs (artificial intelligent robots) and super smart androids taking our jobs and may even take control.
GDPR is here and we hope it will create good enough control to obtain 100% personal ID safety for everyone. However, this will only happen if we design and invent the future with personal control and personal safety in the center of everything. All AIRs and drones has to be designed only as servants, working 24/7 for free, even if they could have done far better decisions than their masters.

A myriad of harmful experiences shows how dangerous our digital future can be.
Our biometric ID as required for public and supplier security must be protected from misuse.  Instead are our biometric-IDs stolen all the time, even from the most trusted ones. Soon all your 16 (18) biometric values might be stolen and in the hands of criminals selling IDs as tradable on the darknet. Most Cyberattack comes through organized e-mail to central persons. Cyberattacks are the single greatest threat to global stability, says German defense minister Ursula von der Leyen this week to NBC. Safe and hidden identity to central user of e-mail is essential to a safe digital future.


What is a Cybi-id unit?

Our patent is the base for creating the ideal cyber biologic identification. We aim to create the safe id-key for a digital future, towards what will come, not to reinvent “the old wheel” in a better and more enjoyable version. It is also nice and fun to know that “Cybi” has been our protection saint since the middle ages. Started in in Cornwall expanded to many other places.
Cybi-id unit read and present your Cyber biologic-IDs to secure our true biometric values. IT is double unique to only you as even your identical twins cannot match your cyber biologic identity. Cybi-id unit flushes automatically all data after each identification to make it hacker and theft secure. The ideal Cybi-id unit must be autonomous and wireless to keep it secure from theft.

If we program the Cybi-id unit to read and present only fake, secret, anonymous or head less-id without any user-recognition it may help Big Med and Big Data to utilize all personal anonymous info as free data. Cybe-id may even be used as reference identity in a Cybi-id-block-ledger to secure bitcoin, crypto currency and property registration in a virtual society.

Cybi-id with a personal recognition number in a reference database can organized to return all e-mail received in an area send by unknown senders. This may stop spam, hackers and cybercrime attack in a protected and safe area, as a county or a country.

We are ready for the future, first when, we can produce the ideal Cybi-id unit.

PCU Company expect to be ready with the ideal Cybi-id unit for the future when the market becomes “fashionable-hot” and the right components are tested and available to create a super smart ideal Cybi-id unit so you and I just want to and must have one.

We are awaiting the results from solutions as 5G, Bluetooth 5 and WIFI-NFC with 1millimeter antennas, 5 to 10 nanometers highspeed processors, Google type language plugs, Near-Share, RealSense, less than 5millimeter IoT modules and proper 3D biometric image software being tested and ready. Otherwise to use the best sensors, cameras and general component tested and commonly used in the most popular smart mobiles tomorrow.

Yours Sincerely
CEO Harald Marthinussen

CEO and Head of the board
PCU Company AS
Idrettsveien 10
1400 Ski Norway
+47 41 56 76 64

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