New, a Halloween, Press Release from PCU Company:

Cybi, a simple and exciting digital id that can secure your biometric future.

Cybi, Cyber ​​biologic, inventions with patent protection in 2017 is a further development of 10 years of innovative research and inventions to create the ideal privacy-secure genetic id without ever compromising our biometric values.

Cybi …. “A method for generating a unique personal safe Cyber ​​biometric identification of one user as needed by suppliers, without revealing the user’s real biometric images, for use in a system for authenticating a user of a service”

An easy-to-use universal Norwegian biometric digital ID key with 100% privacy is what we all need to avoid all the personal crises we see so often in our new digital world. In addition to creating personal-safe digital identification, Cybi can also be utilized to effectively fight hackers, cybercrime and prevent our real biometric values and important information ​​from ending up as “Dark Net” merchandise.

What makes PCU`s Cybi inventions different than the biometric solutions already on the market? Cybi-id-reader differs from everyone else by creating a unique Cyber biologic identification image who cannot be reversed to reveal the user`s true biometric values and imprints. PCU Company’s Cybi-id-Key is designed, as in the patent, to be hacker and id-theft secured. Cybi is also a patented autonomous and uninterruptible smart device to create the secure-privacy-protection that is missing in all biometric readers integrated into smart-mobile phones, PADs, PCs, services, bracelets, wearables and other digital keys. You should remember for your own safety read but never store your real biometric values encrypted or not. Never ever send your real biometric data, encrypted or not, wireless or not. Your only safe exact and unique genetic-id can be created from blended not stirred digital data to create safe unique Cyber Biometric-id-key. Cybi may be the only personal-safe key we all need for a safe use of all our digital accesses and rights in a future wonderful digital world.

Cybi-id solutions can also give users and society the opportunity to choose that the user (s) may be anonymous.
If only the user himself and an “official offline id base” know who the user is, personal data on the stray may not harm an anonymous person. The community’s large amounts of GPS movement, incident and disease development data collected without a person`s identity will not have a value for hackers or criminals, even if the same data has very high values ​​for research, Big Med, eHealth, transportation alert, community planning and other International Big Data Solutions.

Since the demand for exact, unique genetic ID readers who are completely secure and anonymous will explode within a few years we seek partners in government, public services, banking, IT manufacturers, media services and businesses to assist us in specifying, testing and implementing to create the best Cybi solutions everyone will has searched for and want to buy, all over the world.

It is estimated that 269 billion e-mails are sent daily, where 9 out of 10 are spam and hacker mail and an average American full-time employed receives 120 job-mail daily. Then we have received too much to handled so every society could accept a drastic change. Implementing Cybi-id for everyone in a district or in a country, they can develop fully automated protection against any unwanted email from undefined senders, in a district or in a country. Undefined mail must pass through overloaded and slow mail- check nodes. The Internet can then be as it once was and should have been, for communication between two known URLs. This is important for the active young people who are excited about the internet and mobile possibilities who do not understand the dangers.

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