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Information to partners and friends: from the research team of PCU Company.

A dangerous future for our biometric identity has started?

Privacy has become essential when we all become individuals in a digital community connected on the internet. We must protect our real biometric values ​​against personal tragedy as for “Swedish government type scandals”, what could have happened when 2.8 million Norwegian health records were open to Indian IT workers and human tragedy when our password service, such as “OneLogin” with millions of users, was hacked for customers’ identification and biometric values.

Our real biometric data, encrypted or not, is sensitive personal data that needs to be protected, whatever the cost. We should protest loudly against being forced to use our biometric prints to use the necessary democratic universal digital services such as passport, government registration, Altinn, online banking, bank ID, credit card, e-commerce, NAV service, healthcare and most Commonly used social media.

Will our digital world become a scandal? Biometric identification is required by government and industry to safeguard against criminals. Online internet and digital space is open to large-scale theft.  IT is dangerous for our 15 genetic values 10 fingers, 2 eye irises, voice recognition, facial phase and DNA to be used online as they can`t be exchanged if stolen. Do you lose any of your biometric prints to hackers criminals will take over your digital life, losing your digital freedom, you may be digital dead, forever.

Fortunately, there is a new EU-privacy-act that will protect us against abuse of our personal data such as to protect our biometric impressions. A new Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) will start in May 2018 to protecting violations of our privacy. Violations will be punished with fines of 4% of annual turnover for businesses and government organizations. Data manager, even CEO and board members will be given heavy fines if they have not done their job properly. In Denmark, employees have received personal fines of € 15,000 for participation in data breaches and € 25,000 if the breach applies to large groups.

The fight against digital disaster! “False ID” could it be a “Safe ID”?

New Patent for Cyber Biologic Person Security-ID submitted by PCU Company AS was published by the International Patent Office (WIPO) July 20, 2017: “A method for generating a unique personal safe. Cyber ​​biometric identification of one user as needed by providers, without revealing the user`s real biometric images, for use in a system for authenticating a user of a service “

PCU patented solutions from 2015 and the new PCU Cyber biometric patent now in 2017 can create the personally-identifiable genetic ID solution that everyone, as all in Norway, needs. A universal personal digital key that can prevent our biometric values ​​from being hacked and ending up as merchandise on “Dark- net “, as just now seen for Instagram customer`s ID.
The above patented type solutions for unique Identification that do not endanger our real biological values ​​by creating a Cyber biometric-ID, a “false ID”, is what we now need. PCU as a personal portable CB-ID-key will protected against theft and hacking as well as being easy to use. PCU, your future digital key, must be built with future mobile technology, as 5G, TR-5, 10 nanometer CPU and so on, to secure all the most incredible digital-managed solutions within Windows Phone, Symbian, Java ME, Blackberry, Samsung, IOS or Android.

What is a Cyber Biological ID-reader?
A Cyber biologic identification device is your unique and proprietary genetic digital-key for identification to access for payment, banking, door access, and all internet services while ensuring your real genetic biometric data being protected. Cyber biologic-ID-prints are created by a mechanical and production-technical solution in the same format as your usual prints but always with completely different values ​​than for your real biometric values. Your Cyber biological impressions, like anything else, are encrypted and sent wirelessly to the recipient and secured against interception using free variable type of communications as NFC and Bluetooth type encryption. Able if

A Norwegian personally-safe solution for all needs to be based on next generation smart-mobile-technology can solve the most incredible security opportunities. The Norwegian Cyber biological Digital-Key must be a small separate device that fits into the wallet, in a clock, mounted on a mobile or as a medical “wearables”. In a few years, with nanometer production, the Norwegian Cyber Biologic CB-Digital-Keys can be produced so small that they can be integrated into the body, “Inside-wearables”. Remember then, no one can use any implant stolen from celebrities, and rich peoples doped down, as the thieves can`t provide the right genetic prints needed in a cyber biologic-ID, as the thieves can do with today’s highly unsafe code implant.

Extraordinary benefits for Norwegian banks and industry.

With a common Norwegian Cyber biologic-ID solution developed by CPU Company AS inventions in cooperation with the Norwegian authorities and Norwegian business community, it will ensure that Norwegian banks and industry can stay a few years ahead of their competitors to conquer the world without always being a follower of Sweden and others in invented development, production and marketing.

Then we will win the future with a new roadmap for a “moon landing” of the Norwegian “digital house”.

Oct 2017, Harald Marthinussen MSs, develop and research mgr. in PCU Company AS

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