Cyber biological digital Identification for our easy, exciting, personal digital-future

Press release:

Norwegian patented cyber biometric inventions from 2012 to this new one of 2017 may be used to fight cybercrime:

…. “A method for generating a unique personal safe Cyber ​​biometric identification of one user as needed by suppliers, without revealing the user’s real biometric images, for use in a system for authenticating a user of a service”


The Norwegian public digital ID key for safe biometric-ID values must quickly be in place

… to avoid the personal crises as those arising from the Swedish government’s “identity scandal” or what could have occurred when 2.8 million of our Norwegian health records were open to foreign IT workers and the personal problems that arose when the “OneLogin” password service with millions of users were hacked for their personal codes and biometric IDs. PCU patented solutions from 2015 and new PCU patent now in 2017 can create the personal safe genetic ID solution that everyone in Norway needs, a universal national-digital-key that can prevent our biometric values ​​from ever being hacked and ending up as “dark-net” merchandise, as just now seen for Instagram customer’s information and ID.


What makes these patented Cyber biometric-ID inventions different than all the biometric solutions already on the market?

A Norwegian PCU Cyber biometric ID reader can easily be perceived as the other biometric readers already on the market, but differs from everyone by always simulating a person by creating a unique “false ID”, a Cyber biological ID, which can’t be reversed to reveal the actual biometric values ​​of the user. PCU is also the only anti-theft and hacker-free digital key, as it deletes all information after each identity session and without the ability to store personal related or other processed data. A new Norwegian standard PCU Cyber biologic-ID-reader must also be autonomous and wire-connection free to provide the real privacy protection that is missing in all ID-integrated solutions used in mobiles, PADs, PCs, services and for digital-lock.


The PCU Cyber biologic ID will give users opportunity to be digitally anonymous.

A new future-oriented Norwegian PCU Cyber biological ID, a unique but fake ID, can be the anonymized identity we all lack, which can prevent abuse of our biometric values. Since only the owner himself and may be a “Norwegian Official Offline ID Base” knows a PCU users, all personal anonymous data will not be harmful to such an anonymous user. Personal data without a personal affiliation will not have any value for the press, criminal or hackers, although the same anonymous data may have a very high value ​​for research, Big Med, e-Health, Alert center for weather and transport Security and commercial Big Data. As the demand for anonymous but unique genetic “False ID” will explode in near future, we seek partnerships with several major international players from different user environments to help us specify, produce and implement our Cyber biologic ID readers to be implemented for used everywhere.


PCU can be the exciting solution that both simplifies our lives, protects our biometric values, fight cyber-crime ​​and can also be developed to protect all e-mail in a community from spam and “injury ware”, something for all. Then even protecting the active young excitement searchers on the internet and mobile networks in a PCU-safe community.


An exciting summer, 2017

… started inviting us to participate in a WebeX meeting with participants from the United States, Japan, EU and England in one of the world’s largest electrical / IT companies to present our PCU inventions.

…. Then we were invited to present our personal safety PCU solutions at the insurance company ‘Insur-tech Innovation Bootcamp’ in Stockholm.

…. Well back from Sweden, we were informed that our new Cyber biological ID inventions had been published on the International Patent Bulletin Board (WIPO) on July 20, 2017.

Ski sept. 2017, Harald Marthinussen. BSe, MSe Purdue university, IT Research and development, Board leader in PCU Company.

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